Create a script in the directory where you Ps home is there.
Command : vi
Add following text to script file.



#check the number of argument


if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then

         echo “Number of argument pass are invalid.Argument 1 = ,argument 2 = .”

         exit 127



#display arguments


echo “PS HOME Name is $1”

echo “Domain Name is $2”







# call psconfig file to initiate the peoplesoft variable

. ./$pspathvar/

cd $pspathvar/appserv



#stop the application server.

echo “stopping the application server”

psadmin -c shutdown! -d $domainname

echo “sleeping for 30 seconds to shutdown the application server”

sleep 30

echo “shutdown successfully completed”


# clearing application server cache

echo “Clearng Cache of Application Server”

psadmin -c purge -d $domainname -noarch -log “Manual Cache”

echo “Cache Cleared”



#booting up the application server

echo “booting up the server”

psadmin -c boot -d $domainname

echo “sleep for 30 seconds”

sleep 30

echo “server booted successfully”

Save and exit the script file.

command :wq!

How to run script :
. ./