1. Cobol compiler should be installed on the system with a valid license key.(net express).Here COBOL compiler path is

2. Temporary folder has to create on  drive with any name .Here we have created “tempfolder”,in E drive.

3.Here ps _home is E:\PT8.49HR

Steps to Compile Cobol


1.Go to PS Home

2. Take backup of the current CBLBINA folder which is in PS HOME by renaming it CBLBINA

3.Open CMD (command line )
Change directories to \Setup

cd E:\PT8.48HR\setup

4. Set up two environment variables, PS_HOME and COBROOT

set PS_HOME=E:\PT8.49HR

set COBROOT= E:\netexpress\Base

5. Compile the cobol by following command.

cblbld  E: \tempfolder

6.Wait for files to be compiled.

7.COBOL will compile successfully.