Delete temp file from IBM webspehere server peoplesoft

Go to Ps home
Go to webserver
Go to domain
There will be 3 folder wstemp,temp,translog

Go to wstemp

rm -rf ./*
Go to temp/(domain)Node/server1

rm -rf ./*

Go to tranlog/(domain-name)NodeCell/(domain nqme)Node/server1

rm -rf ./*

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Increase JVM heap size in IBM webpshere application server

check admin port from file AboutThisProfile.txt

go to admin console from url. eg;

go to :Servers > Application servers > server1 > Java and Process Management > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine


change value for :

Initial Heap Size

At least one-half the value of the maximum heap size

Maximum Heap Size

At least 1024 or a size consistent with available RAM on the machine where WebSphere Application Server is installed

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