Check If tree is a Binary Search Tree

Hi , this post is to find if tree is the binary search tree or not.

Common approach

Check for each root , right child should be large , and left child should be small.

but , this is not a correct approach.

It can show wrong result , for more understanding read from the URL given below.

Correct Approach

1. Perform a In order Traversal of a given tree and store the result in the array.

Code Snippet:

Create ArrayList arrayList

InorderTraversal(Node n){

if(n != null){







2.Now check the array show be in ascending order, if it is not in ascending order than the tree it is  not a Binary search Tree.

Now we have and arrayList we can perform the following action to get the final result.

code Snippet

boolean checkArrayList(ArrayList arrayList){

for(int i=0;i<arrayList-1;i++){


return false;


return true;


This method will return true or false.

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